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The Rainhill Trials 6th - 14th October 1829

Q. What do the Rainhill Trials have in comon with Energy Storage

A. Knowsley - its where little poeple have big ideas !

Rainhill 1827

Although the Rocket impressed and ultimately won the Rainhill Trials, few of its features were new. It was the combination of many existing concepts, from a more efficient boiler to a blast-pipe exhaust which made the engine self –regulating that made Stephenson’s  design revolutionary and gave it the speed and efficiency needed to win the trials.
These elements became part of virtually every locomotive built during the reign of steam on the world’s railways – they weren’t invented for the rocket, but their combination in one machine catalysed the development of the viable steam locomotives.

Rainhill 14th October 2019

Rainhill 2019

In 2020 other than a great Chippy what else does Rainhill, Knowsley have ?

A Safari park, world class car manufacturers
A revolutionary new form of energy storage

The Knowsley Energy Storage Trials


Knowsley council were kind enough to let Heptron International use an old World War II underground bunker to conduct the first ever safety trials of a new form of chemical free, environmentally friendly form of energy storage.

At the event, things went so well, nothing was broken but our visitors from around the world did enjoy their day.

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