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Our Journey

Over the past several years Heptron have been developing a new form of renewable energy generation which is capable of converting low temperature differentials in to electricity. We have also developed a new form of energy storage.

When the two innovations are combined the difference in temperature between day and night can be converted in to electrical power and the power can be stored ready for use as required.
On our journey, we have had a lot of help from local companies, support organisations and local universities and as with any new invention there have been challenging times and times of great excitement.

After filing our first patent in 2007 and starting work on the development process we then made a series of ground-breaking discoveries. We have now filed a number of patents applications to protect different aspects of our innovations, these applications have resulted in our patents being granted all over the world. Including USA, China, Japan and Europe.

Our chemical free low-cost energy storage system is now being produced in small batches with components being made by local companies. Over the next year we will be working to scale up production of our working systems and working with local partners we will be running several pilot plants to demonstrate how our innovation can be used in different situations, including commercial and industrial property, community smart grids, on and offshore wind turbines and large-scale Hydrogen production.

For a small company we are very proud to be working with some great people and to all of you who have helped us on our journey, a very big Thank You!!!

Some of the people who have help us along the way.

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R & D

One idea leads to another !

Our temperature converter is capable of converting the temperature difference between night and day in to usable electricity. This energy can then be stored in chemical free energy storage systems.

Temperature converter

working model

2006 -2007

EC 1


Our energy strorage systems

2007 -2008 Computer simulation

DT 1

2008 - 2009 Desktop model

DT 2


2019 Things are getting bigger !!

DC 1


2020 And Bigger !!

Tank 3M

And Bigger ?


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Development Activities

Assembly Trials

Conveyr 1

Assembly Trials

Conveyor 2

Flywheel Assembly


Modular Energy Storage