Energy Storage Module





Heptron are developing energy storage systems on three different scales.

Domestic Energy Storage

Commercial Energy Storage

Utility Scale Energy Storage

A small assembly line has been installed at our premises and the first low cost domestic energy storage systems are now in production.

Our easy to fit, domestic energy storage systems can be fully installed with a return on investment of less than 3 years and a life expectancy of more than fifteen years.

You can now generate store and manage your own power requirements and at the same time help in the fight against climate change, by drastically reducing the amount of energy consumed from the national grid. This means less coal on the big fire !

Using our patented energy storage systems we can all fight climate change. We can now manufacture cost effective safe and environmentally friendly energy storage systems.

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Assembly Line Pic 1


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Small scale production

Assembly Line Pic 3

Inspection Test

Assembly Line 10